lunedì 23 gennaio 2012

Happy Feet 2 Trailer and Synopsis: Polar dance is not over!

The dance never ceases to beat in the heart of one who loves. And, for all of us fans of Emperor Penguin cutest of the planet, there is a glad tidings: Mambo will return to lash out on the ice, the next 25 November! Ready to scamper back with him? For the uninitiated, Mambo is the undisputed king of the first film of the saga, entitled Happy Feet. And ever title and name, I would say, were more appropriate for this Penguin who ranked first among the favorite activities during the day, placed, without doubt, the perform amazing dance moves. Anyone who went to the cinema this weekend will certainly stumbled in fantastic promo of the second chapter of the compelling story of hyperactive Penguin danzereccia. Breathtaking choreography; a fun at hip-hop choreography of the moment and a giant pick at the end of the promo and, if you saw it all in 3d, you realized the potential sequel's graphics of a film that was a true champion of takings. The second chapter will be worthy of the hilarious film first?

Well, the story promises well. Of course, our little Mambo, always with the Paws in motion, grew and became a family (not neglecting to this his visceral passion for dance!). Its purpose? Pass it on to his offspring! Yes, our Mambo had a son and gives him the Sceptre of the protagonist. However, as often happens, children dislike what parents worship and, guess what? Eh Yes, Erik hates the dance! Indeed, being denied for choreography and wearily, feels excluded and unable and decides that the one in which he lives is not the community for him! Rebel and stubborn just like his father, he meets a friend, a very special talent, just like Mambo. Become a friend of Sven, a penguin who has retained the ability to fly! Incredible, isn't it? That Sven Erik understand face that diversity can be an added value? Meanwhile, though, the community of penguins emperors is in alarm. Mambo will once again his species? What will be, this time, the burden to pay off? There remains but to prepare the most rousing of animated adventure 2011! The dances will open on 25 November next! You want to perhaps stand still?

lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

Small Fry Short Toy Story, opening for the Muppets Usa!

And to introduce those furry puppets, sometimes annoying and shrill little voices Muppets, called, was a 7 minute short film of great Angus MacLane? Obviously Yes, but, apart from the ironies, the 23 November will be the great return, on stage, the Muppets for and Pixar holds us to offer them a triumphal welcome! Just a hilarious short of Toy Story? Well, I'd say yes, especially if they return the brave Buzz Lightyear and the world's best known cowboy, Woody! Li had left to greet their master who was large and had gone to college! And, now, you go back, with a prequel. Andy still needs his toys, but this time an imposter tries to cheat the boy. The poor Buzz remains only a seat fast food and someone wants to believe Andy and his friends that dwarf by Happy Meal is the real Buzz! And those who believe? A new adventure for our friends toys to retrieve their friend who, slipping in an aeration tube, ends up being in a cramped shelter for games abandoned by owners! There is even the Little Mermaid! Faultless as always, Pixar sa not to miss a shot at launching and relaunching its best toys! Because all children have dreamed about, at least once, that their games take life to follow all their adventures imagistic. Ready to Small Free review, the new short Toy Story? Here's a short clip, all for you! Enjoy!

lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Ice age 4 Full Trailer and New posters: Scrat apocalyptic ...

That does not ever Scrat combined to we are all aware, but that even the note stems of continents, in the fictional animated, both attributed to this insatiable rodent is really the last! And, in fact, this is the last substantial plot film ice age: ice age 4, the drift of continents! The Full Trailer that, of course, you can enjoy at the end of the article, gives us an idea of the destructive power of desire to acorns of Scrat! To pursue her elusive Acorn, squirrel blunderer opens a crack very, very, very deep in the Earth's crust; a crack that casts, in less than no time, at the Centre of the globe, on the nucleus. And turning and re-directs, like on a hamster wheel, trying to catch that Acorn, object of desire, divides heaven and Earth! Giraffes deviate from their trees, the oceans are divided and even USA! Then, bouncing here and there, Scrat forge even a Sphinx, certainly worse than the original. But, at the end of the trailer, after having changed the physiognomy of the world forever, have bitten this Acorn? But according to you? Not only has not bitten, but it is found on a block of ice, in the middle of nowhere and away from his favorite food. A real inferno to Scrat, victim of unsatisfied desire. But hell DDA even for his friends: Mannie, Diego, Sid and Ellie, accucciandosi, patients on an iceberg (after the catastrophe caused by Scrat) landed on an island that does a whisker of Pirates of the Caribbean; an island full of pitfalls and unknown creatures. This, however, will not be the biggest danger that the cute friends will face! The power of Hibernate will bring the prehistoric creatures to become rare specimens of the past in a Museum! How will they escape? Know modernity? From prehistoric times, with fury, in July, the ice age!

martedì 3 gennaio 2012

The Cartoon, by Davincibles November 24, 2011

What a good idea to give life to works of art best known and admired history, taking kids on a journey immeasurable one of the wonders of the world! But you ' imagine … Find yourself in front of the Monnalisa in person? A little tedious, you say? Well, likely! Been good ... There would be worse if materialised cry Much. That fear! Paintings and statues that come to life at the hands of a bad Quba. Unfortunately, however, if our team of friends of art won't do something, the works will go up in smoke in less than 48 hours, depriving the world of their genius and their creativity! A race against time for all lovers of beauty and artistic!

Uncle Leo should lead this team of "rescue", unfortunate that, despite good natured spirit, both a bungler! Pablo has 16 years and a fixed: the Pc is part of the team also Zoe, the teenage sister of Pablo who knows more about the art of the devil, but also on culture rock!

In the Group of Villains, Quba. He never tolerated being denied for art and takes revenge by making live and then fading the masterpieces "alien"! I forgot: manages the Many Bad bad company. A good intenditor ... Cherie is the spoiled daughter of Quba. A real antipaticona! The company denied a painting as Quba, there are levels, with a keen so out of tune that also have fear! The genius, of course, is the group, Dr. Meanie. Try, experiment, but is likely to endanger everyone! Finally, the team of "denied", there's Mascot, the classic classmate of Pablo. Try to imitate others, but the result is always fail!

Some work to be saved? Thor, the death of Adonis, Zeus, Hercules, Hamlet, Isaac Newton and many others … You will want to miss the rescue more artistic historical always? And awaits on at 7:45, in the morning!

martedì 27 dicembre 2011

Disney on Youtube: we'll see the cartoons on the pc? has lost much of its magic, in recent years and the revenues are slowly diminished. You Tube, instead, has become the largest video sharing portal in the world and is experiencing a sudden growth, especially after the implementation of an idea: open channels! In fact, if a time it was on YouTube just to listen to a song or watch the trailer of a movie, now You Tube are taking equal-importance with the search engines. In fact, Internet users will seek news and content and the portal must be able to satisfy their demands. Therefore, nothing better than a partnership with Disney. A bilateral gain, I would say, because You Tube needs to buy credibility in the eyes of parents, fearful and distrustful of "mysterious world of the web". But join with Disney means offering a guarantee: to accommodate the brand which, in absolute, embodies the values educational, child's reach.

A millionaire who provide thematic channels on You Tube, which will be placed eight series, totally new and original, signed Disney Interactive! Children, you know, know the pc more often than their parents and are very insightful about the new digital media. In a nutshell, the tv will go off and you light up a world of entertainment on the pc? Children will be inclined to accept this and are already equipped with Pc, since very small? But, above all, parents leave children alone soletti, in front of the screen? A good bet that, however, provide children to familiarize themselves more with the network, which is the real resource of the future!

martedì 20 dicembre 2011

Kung Fu Panda Legendary Adventures, from November 28, 2011 on Nickelodeon!

The penguins, "Madagascar", landed on tv and made me roar with laughter hundreds of baby viewers. Now, are you ready for an arrival even more "heavy"? This time, it will be Some, the Panda, seemingly bumbling, will show all its "prettiness" in martial arts, five exclusive episodes on Nickelodeon. It is not a joke. It is the first series, created by the film funny adventures of panda and predestined and forged on the success of the first and second chapter of this trip "animalistic" in the magical world of Kung Fu!

The 5 episodes, a sort of pilot that will test the public's interest towards television product, will be aired from November 28, 2011, starting at 20.30. And then, from February 2012, with the first season, full of unexpected masses to the carpet from the cuddly Little! In fact, the exercises are served a lot to the film animal, because now the bravura of Po in juggling moves, taken and shots really is enviable. Inevitable master Shifu and the cute Little friends, Tiger and Viper, all intent to observe how Some will safeguard the good and evil, ever Knockout with its lethal shots! It will be equally good at proving his talent to the supervisors of Kung Fu? New adventures, new struggles and the same fun, with those cute friends who we learned to love on the big screen, but that, finally, we can accommodate in our tv housewives. So yes that will challenge every day! I recommend: Kung Fu Panda, the mythical Adventures.

martedì 13 dicembre 2011

BE Tiger!

This is good time to say that the Internet is finally a community "roaring" is called, is open to all men and women who have a lifestyle without compromise, and different ways of … "Tiger" As? Well, first visited the Community (, we find it online with a rich community of users, all of "hungry" u8230 like a tiger! The community has an attractive look, is colorful, intuitive and easy navigation. A couple of pages visited enough to sharpen claws and feel the Tiger right to enter the group.
The community allows its users to explore three different areas: an area called "competition" that is giving away various prizes related to Tiger products; Another area is called "discounts and Conventions" and is dedicated to registered users of the community, which can receive gift discounts and other genre conventions; the third and final area is that of social "character properly" seen that is giving away prizes and other initiatives, special dedicated monthly contests you win on the basis of "post" and user ratings. is presented then as a new media web 2.0: interactive community, game shows and share their own "post" with other users.

Oh yes, because the community revolves all around his ability to be a reference point for those seeking news, experiences, information, pictures and video, from men and women who have found their way to be tiger in any field of real life. I don't know about you, my way Tiger is right here, in sharing experiences "with attributes" and moments that I have managed better, some sort of "tiger at the square" that is the pride and awareness of own means a weapon. To find perhaps the right way to make new leaps forward. At work, family, friends, leisure and passions, feelings and ideals, each in its own way can show fangs and see how, how, where and why they both heard Tiger. And if you think that the community does not suffice to bring out the tiger that is in you, well, do a little thought to those irresistible cheeses Tiger and opportunities launched by the community in "discounts and conventions" Just say keep the proof of purchase of a product for Tiger to win fantastic prizes … you'll see that your palate will also want to subscribe to the site!