lunedì 23 gennaio 2012

Happy Feet 2 Trailer and Synopsis: Polar dance is not over!

The dance never ceases to beat in the heart of one who loves. And, for all of us fans of Emperor Penguin cutest of the planet, there is a glad tidings: Mambo will return to lash out on the ice, the next 25 November! Ready to scamper back with him? For the uninitiated, Mambo is the undisputed king of the first film of the saga, entitled Happy Feet. And ever title and name, I would say, were more appropriate for this Penguin who ranked first among the favorite activities during the day, placed, without doubt, the perform amazing dance moves. Anyone who went to the cinema this weekend will certainly stumbled in fantastic promo of the second chapter of the compelling story of hyperactive Penguin danzereccia. Breathtaking choreography; a fun at hip-hop choreography of the moment and a giant pick at the end of the promo and, if you saw it all in 3d, you realized the potential sequel's graphics of a film that was a true champion of takings. The second chapter will be worthy of the hilarious film first?

Well, the story promises well. Of course, our little Mambo, always with the Paws in motion, grew and became a family (not neglecting to this his visceral passion for dance!). Its purpose? Pass it on to his offspring! Yes, our Mambo had a son and gives him the Sceptre of the protagonist. However, as often happens, children dislike what parents worship and, guess what? Eh Yes, Erik hates the dance! Indeed, being denied for choreography and wearily, feels excluded and unable and decides that the one in which he lives is not the community for him! Rebel and stubborn just like his father, he meets a friend, a very special talent, just like Mambo. Become a friend of Sven, a penguin who has retained the ability to fly! Incredible, isn't it? That Sven Erik understand face that diversity can be an added value? Meanwhile, though, the community of penguins emperors is in alarm. Mambo will once again his species? What will be, this time, the burden to pay off? There remains but to prepare the most rousing of animated adventure 2011! The dances will open on 25 November next! You want to perhaps stand still?

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