lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

Small Fry Short Toy Story, opening for the Muppets Usa!

And to introduce those furry puppets, sometimes annoying and shrill little voices Muppets, called, was a 7 minute short film of great Angus MacLane? Obviously Yes, but, apart from the ironies, the 23 November will be the great return, on stage, the Muppets for and Pixar holds us to offer them a triumphal welcome! Just a hilarious short of Toy Story? Well, I'd say yes, especially if they return the brave Buzz Lightyear and the world's best known cowboy, Woody! Li had left to greet their master who was large and had gone to college! And, now, you go back, with a prequel. Andy still needs his toys, but this time an imposter tries to cheat the boy. The poor Buzz remains only a seat fast food and someone wants to believe Andy and his friends that dwarf by Happy Meal is the real Buzz! And those who believe? A new adventure for our friends toys to retrieve their friend who, slipping in an aeration tube, ends up being in a cramped shelter for games abandoned by owners! There is even the Little Mermaid! Faultless as always, Pixar sa not to miss a shot at launching and relaunching its best toys! Because all children have dreamed about, at least once, that their games take life to follow all their adventures imagistic. Ready to Small Free review, the new short Toy Story? Here's a short clip, all for you! Enjoy!

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