lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

Ice age 4 Full Trailer and New posters: Scrat apocalyptic ...

That does not ever Scrat combined to we are all aware, but that even the note stems of continents, in the fictional animated, both attributed to this insatiable rodent is really the last! And, in fact, this is the last substantial plot film ice age: ice age 4, the drift of continents! The Full Trailer that, of course, you can enjoy at the end of the article, gives us an idea of the destructive power of desire to acorns of Scrat! To pursue her elusive Acorn, squirrel blunderer opens a crack very, very, very deep in the Earth's crust; a crack that casts, in less than no time, at the Centre of the globe, on the nucleus. And turning and re-directs, like on a hamster wheel, trying to catch that Acorn, object of desire, divides heaven and Earth! Giraffes deviate from their trees, the oceans are divided and even USA! Then, bouncing here and there, Scrat forge even a Sphinx, certainly worse than the original. But, at the end of the trailer, after having changed the physiognomy of the world forever, have bitten this Acorn? But according to you? Not only has not bitten, but it is found on a block of ice, in the middle of nowhere and away from his favorite food. A real inferno to Scrat, victim of unsatisfied desire. But hell DDA even for his friends: Mannie, Diego, Sid and Ellie, accucciandosi, patients on an iceberg (after the catastrophe caused by Scrat) landed on an island that does a whisker of Pirates of the Caribbean; an island full of pitfalls and unknown creatures. This, however, will not be the biggest danger that the cute friends will face! The power of Hibernate will bring the prehistoric creatures to become rare specimens of the past in a Museum! How will they escape? Know modernity? From prehistoric times, with fury, in July, the ice age!

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