martedì 3 gennaio 2012

The Cartoon, by Davincibles November 24, 2011

What a good idea to give life to works of art best known and admired history, taking kids on a journey immeasurable one of the wonders of the world! But you ' imagine … Find yourself in front of the Monnalisa in person? A little tedious, you say? Well, likely! Been good ... There would be worse if materialised cry Much. That fear! Paintings and statues that come to life at the hands of a bad Quba. Unfortunately, however, if our team of friends of art won't do something, the works will go up in smoke in less than 48 hours, depriving the world of their genius and their creativity! A race against time for all lovers of beauty and artistic!

Uncle Leo should lead this team of "rescue", unfortunate that, despite good natured spirit, both a bungler! Pablo has 16 years and a fixed: the Pc is part of the team also Zoe, the teenage sister of Pablo who knows more about the art of the devil, but also on culture rock!

In the Group of Villains, Quba. He never tolerated being denied for art and takes revenge by making live and then fading the masterpieces "alien"! I forgot: manages the Many Bad bad company. A good intenditor ... Cherie is the spoiled daughter of Quba. A real antipaticona! The company denied a painting as Quba, there are levels, with a keen so out of tune that also have fear! The genius, of course, is the group, Dr. Meanie. Try, experiment, but is likely to endanger everyone! Finally, the team of "denied", there's Mascot, the classic classmate of Pablo. Try to imitate others, but the result is always fail!

Some work to be saved? Thor, the death of Adonis, Zeus, Hercules, Hamlet, Isaac Newton and many others … You will want to miss the rescue more artistic historical always? And awaits on at 7:45, in the morning!

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