martedì 27 dicembre 2011

Disney on Youtube: we'll see the cartoons on the pc? has lost much of its magic, in recent years and the revenues are slowly diminished. You Tube, instead, has become the largest video sharing portal in the world and is experiencing a sudden growth, especially after the implementation of an idea: open channels! In fact, if a time it was on YouTube just to listen to a song or watch the trailer of a movie, now You Tube are taking equal-importance with the search engines. In fact, Internet users will seek news and content and the portal must be able to satisfy their demands. Therefore, nothing better than a partnership with Disney. A bilateral gain, I would say, because You Tube needs to buy credibility in the eyes of parents, fearful and distrustful of "mysterious world of the web". But join with Disney means offering a guarantee: to accommodate the brand which, in absolute, embodies the values educational, child's reach.

A millionaire who provide thematic channels on You Tube, which will be placed eight series, totally new and original, signed Disney Interactive! Children, you know, know the pc more often than their parents and are very insightful about the new digital media. In a nutshell, the tv will go off and you light up a world of entertainment on the pc? Children will be inclined to accept this and are already equipped with Pc, since very small? But, above all, parents leave children alone soletti, in front of the screen? A good bet that, however, provide children to familiarize themselves more with the network, which is the real resource of the future!

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