mercoledì 7 dicembre 2011

Facebook: cartoons from 15 to 22 November for the rights of the child!

Childhood is, according to many, the most beautiful period of life: carefree, joyful, full of light-hearted and tender moments. But not for all children is worthy of being remembered and is for all these children less fortunate than us, from 15 to 22 November, we celebrate, our way, the rights of the child, a child that must never be violated, but only protected, and protected at all costs! How to do? Remember the fantastic initiative, born on Facebook, in the 201o? No? Please refresh your memory! Facebook proposed to ask as a profile picture, in the week, the photos of your favorite cartoon character, what little there was a smile or what feeling heroes out of the ordinary. Well, this year, the initiative that went fine, again. Are you ready to join? Just a little to remember that childhood is untouchable, because magical and innocent. Just post the gentle Nudges or the Nice Pollon, tenacious Heidi or sly Tweety. Many animated images, to remind the world that the love for children and for all that it is not extinguished, but remains valuable in a corner of our heart. Then? You follow my advice? Choose a banner, to scream to the world that children should be loved and protected by the hardness of life? Undecided on the image by post? There are a lot of us! Let us know if you like them or not! The week of children's rights; rights that should be remembered, however, and imprinted in our moral code 365 days a year!

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