martedì 13 dicembre 2011

BE Tiger!

This is good time to say that the Internet is finally a community "roaring" is called, is open to all men and women who have a lifestyle without compromise, and different ways of … "Tiger" As? Well, first visited the Community (, we find it online with a rich community of users, all of "hungry" u8230 like a tiger! The community has an attractive look, is colorful, intuitive and easy navigation. A couple of pages visited enough to sharpen claws and feel the Tiger right to enter the group.
The community allows its users to explore three different areas: an area called "competition" that is giving away various prizes related to Tiger products; Another area is called "discounts and Conventions" and is dedicated to registered users of the community, which can receive gift discounts and other genre conventions; the third and final area is that of social "character properly" seen that is giving away prizes and other initiatives, special dedicated monthly contests you win on the basis of "post" and user ratings. is presented then as a new media web 2.0: interactive community, game shows and share their own "post" with other users.

Oh yes, because the community revolves all around his ability to be a reference point for those seeking news, experiences, information, pictures and video, from men and women who have found their way to be tiger in any field of real life. I don't know about you, my way Tiger is right here, in sharing experiences "with attributes" and moments that I have managed better, some sort of "tiger at the square" that is the pride and awareness of own means a weapon. To find perhaps the right way to make new leaps forward. At work, family, friends, leisure and passions, feelings and ideals, each in its own way can show fangs and see how, how, where and why they both heard Tiger. And if you think that the community does not suffice to bring out the tiger that is in you, well, do a little thought to those irresistible cheeses Tiger and opportunities launched by the community in "discounts and conventions" Just say keep the proof of purchase of a product for Tiger to win fantastic prizes … you'll see that your palate will also want to subscribe to the site!

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