giovedì 24 novembre 2011

Lorax, 2012 Movie Trailer and Cast: how much is hard to protect the environment!

In the peculiar world of today, and against the cartoons were the perfect moralists. If you do not know how to take right decisions, sometimes just sit in a cinema and 3d scenes, and realistic effects, will head the healthiest values. Despicable me there taught that everyone can change, improve, loving and, eventually, don't waste your life doing the wrong thing. And the producers of the successful film Universal there Lorax try again with a film, skillfully directed, with other moral objectives to be achieved! Which Ones? Respect for the love and the protection of the environment! And tell me if it is not!

But who are these Lorax? Are some horrible faces creatures of invention that come from a strange land, but, in some ways, with problems very familiar! Lorax seems a funny hairy potato with moustache and, flatly, not just a nice character. So much so that, when Ted, the protagonist of the film, twelve crosses her Street, in a desperate attempt to find a magic filter, anything that might draw him his beloved that, actually, if the row of smear, the creature the reserve just a nasty treatment! Then, though, Ted discovers that behind that distrust is a harsh reality affecting the world's Truffula, one from which comes his surly buddy. Here, in fact, many trees will be slaughtered if Once-Ier won't be stopped. Who is this? It is the speculator of round …  One who get rich, but stealing all the wool that these strange trees, produce to create clothes and earn! Ted help her grumpy friend to prevent the end of his land? And will make you fall in love with the Lorax as hopelessly two humans? An adventure that promises really well, especially because it teaches us to fight for the health of our Earth and the environment!

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